Mittwoch, 12. März 2014

teaser for the summer

my free time
the lovely weather
the beautiful city of Zurich
Schmincke watercolors
black fineliner
my sketchbook A5


Sitting behind the St. Peter Curch in the old city, looking through the houses to the Grossmünster. Although it was sunny, i was soon in the shadow, where it was still pretty cold, since it was still morning.
Another work from the junction Hammerstrasse/Zollikerstrasse. I was sitting in a small vineyard (really small!), which was kind of private, but who cares? The sun was burning down - kind of a teaser for the summer.

Dienstag, 11. März 2014


Something i did a few weeks ago: the Samariterstrasse, a small street in the quartier Hirslanden, Zurich. I often drove by when i was working, and I wanted to sketch it since some time. Finally found the time!

Samariterstrasse - Pentel BrushPen - ca. 30x21cm - about 4 hours
Hint: enlarge it!

I think the most time took the big tree in the middle. but its rewarding if you take the time for a sketch!

Montag, 10. März 2014

almost spring

Yesterday it was almost spring here in zurich - time to get out the watercolors. Still around the same junction, it still has several spots I want to draw, so the next few will be from that area.

Höschgasse 104 (the back of it), Black fineliner and Schmincke Watercolors, 10.3.14

right beneath the balcony there is a little brook, it gives the place a bit moistness, but it's still a lovely place to enjoy the sun in the summer, do some drawing, drinking something cold...I really can start feeling the spring/summer


in february I spent some days - my only free ones - in rome. I didn't sketch much, but i did sketch!

Rome, 12.2 - 15.2, Black fineliner, Pentel Brushpen, color markers

On the Palatin Hill, where Rome was founded. In the front are some ruins, in the back newer houses

well, the Colloseo...but it started to rain, so i had to seek shelter
The island in the Tiber, the view on the north side

Piazza della Minerva - street musicians with cello and guitar, Bernini's Elephant with an obelisk, the entrance to the  church Santa Maria sopra Minerva, behind me on the left would be the Pantheon...In Rome there's something to see every meter!!
Some random buildings at some random junction in rome, can't remember exactly where

The best restaurant in Rome: Er Buchetto. Its about 10 squaremeter small, sells almost only Porchetta, which is cold roasted pork, but it's brilliant!

The Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, or GNAM. My only try to catch a overloaded facade in a sketch. It went quite well...

Sonntag, 9. März 2014


i had a lot to do, but now i'm back again, to show you Zurich and the world, one drawing at the time...or maybe more than one:

black fineliner, each about 40 minutes, around the crossroad of Zollikerstrasse/Hammerstrasse

Burgweg/Zollikerstrasse - hard to believe that such a scenery is in the middle of a city
Zollikerstrasse 77 - i had a wonderfull place to sit, with the morning sun warming me

Burgweg 10 - the house was small, but not that slim...