Sonntag, 16. November 2014


I took advantage of the beautiful weather and 30 minutes of waiting time and drew the old observatory of the ETH Zürich: The building was completed in 1864, and used as an observatory until 1980. I discovered the building some years ago, and always liked it, finally got to draw it!

Pencil 3B

actually, its Schmelzbergstrasse 25


I met up with other sketchers at 19:30 in the evening at the hardbrücke, while it rained heavily. So i searched for a dry place to sit and started with scratchboard. I haven't used since years, and this was a good occasion to try it out again. For the second one i went back to my old beloved white paper, and used a black and red marker. It was fun, but cold, and after this two sketches we went to the next bar and warmed ourself up.

15.11.14, Bhf Hardbrücke, A5

Sonntag, 2. November 2014


halleluja: i've some time to draw. i got up one hour earlier than i had to for university and went to sketch a wonderful house. It's a bit shaby, but it has its charm, and probably a wonderful view over the city, since its high up over the city without any buildings right in front. The next day i went to do the colors on a wonderful sunny morning. It's quite cold already though, i couldn't sit there for more than 45 minutes...
the second one is just a quick one, about 10 minutes, as i could sit in the lectureroom anymore...

fineliner, schmincke watercolors, pencil 2B,

Gloriastrasse 54
an old lady walked by, and asked me what i'm drawing. I showed her my drawing (she liked it) and then she said: "oh that old building. it should be torn down!" - it would be a shame!

Zürichbergstrasse 29
i really like old building and draw them a lot - and i always draw the graffitis on it too! My friends always ask, why i won't leave them out. But i think that they belong to them - one could also ask as well, why i draw the the company's name on the window. But thats how they look, and i stay true to the facts!
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