Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

two quarters

Near the römerhof in zürich, there are two different quarters. One is above the main street with the tramway, the other is just under it. Although they're so close, they are quite diferent: One has a lot of small one family houses - the other has big old english houses. Some things they have in common: it's expensive to live there, and the quarters are really green - a lot of nice gardens, big trees just beside the houses, and more colors than in center of the city.
It's also nice to draw there: it's quiet, has a lot of beautiful scenes and a good cafe right in the middle.
I drew the black lines on the 23th, and did the colors yesterday and the day before.

Streulistrasse 17, Samariterstrasse 30, A5, fineliner & watercolors, each about 1.5 hours

wip - the drawing

and with colors: i love the contrast in the colors, and am quite happy with the shadows, but not so with perspective...
wip - the drawing

tried to keep the focus on the shadows - it still isn't that good, but its coming along!

Freitag, 22. August 2014

colors of zurich

Colored the sketch from yesterday - sitting in front of an art gallery. It is a wonderful house surrounded by ugly ones, and so colorful! The colors of zurich are grey, brown, in general muddy colors - it's only in the old quarters where there are small one family houses where the colors change to bright ones! this house is just at the edge of such a quarter, so it pops out of the greyish houses surrounding it.

fineliner, watercolors, asylstrasse 61 - 67, zürich, 21./22.08.14

I like it! But i really should work on shadows...

Donnerstag, 21. August 2014


today is different: for once, i didn't drew an old building, but a new appartment building, being precise the inner courtyard of it, with an interesting design. Also new: filling in some colors at home - in Photoshop!

edit - playing around in photoshop. It's amazing, what colors can do!

21.8.14 - Sonnhaldenstrasse ZH - Brushpen & Photoshop - 29x21 cm

this is the original sketch

not perfect...of course. But the sketch is also not that suitable, since it has a lot of open forms, an no real spliiting into different layers.

okay, okay, i stop!

Dienstag, 19. August 2014


Yesterday i went to the Winterthurer Musikfestwochen, a festival with a lot of concerts for free in the heart of winterthur. I was early there, because i met with a friend, who works there. After the coffee, i still had time, so I walked a bit around, following the directions of my friend, and ended up at the Lagerplatz, where old and huge storage buildings were reused as bars, shops, for bicyclemessenger, piano sellers, gyms, university rooms... While I didn't had that much time left, i really quickly sketch one of the outdoor-halls. I didn't care too much about correct proportions, i just wanted to grasp the vastness.

Lagerplatz, Winterthur, 18.8.2014, black fineliner

This is new to me - a quick sketch, where i don't care if the proportions aren't too correct. But it felt great doing this!

Samstag, 9. August 2014


over the past week, i drew some of the many many fountains in zurich. It was really fun to work in this little format, one have to draw only the essential. Also, it was a good perspective exercise.
Locations are in clockwork order, starting top left.
okay: Hottingerplatz, Kreuzplatz, Zollikerstrasse/Burgweg (I drew that already in an other drawing), near the station Museum Rietberg

in front of the church Unterstrasse, Mühlebachstrasse/Feldeggstrasse, Titlistrasse/Hauserstrasse, Zürichbergstrasse/Bergstrasse, Grütlistrasse/Seestrasse