Dienstag, 19. August 2014


Yesterday i went to the Winterthurer Musikfestwochen, a festival with a lot of concerts for free in the heart of winterthur. I was early there, because i met with a friend, who works there. After the coffee, i still had time, so I walked a bit around, following the directions of my friend, and ended up at the Lagerplatz, where old and huge storage buildings were reused as bars, shops, for bicyclemessenger, piano sellers, gyms, university rooms... While I didn't had that much time left, i really quickly sketch one of the outdoor-halls. I didn't care too much about correct proportions, i just wanted to grasp the vastness.

Lagerplatz, Winterthur, 18.8.2014, black fineliner

This is new to me - a quick sketch, where i don't care if the proportions aren't too correct. But it felt great doing this!

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