Freitag, 12. Juli 2013


6 days hiking in the south of switzerland: huge load of drawings!

time: 3.7 - 10.7
location: tessin, switzerland
medium: black marker, brush pen, pencil

Alpe Cardada

Bocchetta di Spluga, 2153 meters above sea level - resting after a sweaty ascent

Cavergno - just a quick sketch before the bus

Fusio - at the end of the six days - with a extra-fat marker

and as a contrast with a extra thin pencil

i like it when people sleep - they don't move (almost)

Jonas & Luisa, two children on the goat alp Nimi

trying to catch the structures of the snow fields and stones on 2000 meters above sea level

Alpe Nimi - an old stone building in the mountains - still used by both hikers and goat shepherds

and these are the goats

drawn on three different pieces of paper and stichted it together in Photoshop, the common room in one of the lodges

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