Montag, 30. September 2013


vacations in israel - tel aviv, hod hasharon, jerusalem, haifa, acco, tiberias - nice and warm
black/sepia marker, pentel brush pen (black/grey), colored pencil (green), schmincke watercolors
6.9.13 - 14.9.13

first day - beach in tel aviv
alenby st. in tel aviv
view from the balcony onto the roofs in hod hasharon

port of jaffa - some corner
backyard in jerusalem
sitting in the park and mixing nature with architecture

same park, but only nature this time
dinner in the "stockpot" in jerusalem

some street (narkis) with my new jerusalem marker
and another backyard in jerusalem
view from the restaurant southeast to mount zion
breakfeast in haifa with my friend jakob

some walls in acco (acre)
and the view from the port wall into the old city of acco
the garden in the youth hostelin haifa

my friend jakob after dinner talking while i'm drawing
a dirty corner in tiberias

my only watercolor picture, see genezareth (kinneret, sea of galilee)

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