Montag, 21. Juli 2014


I stayed at Diesbach, GL with a friend for two days, shooting a small movie project of him for school. while he was setting up the lights and all, i went for a short sketch walk. later, before dinner, and the next morning, i used the free time to draw the view from the house.

Black markers, Schmincke Watercolors, Pencil, Brushpen,

view from Diesbach over to Betschwanden. It was midday, and the sun was so hot and burning, i had to take some breaks in the shadow. I tried out a  bigger brush for the landscape, but i'm not quiet happy with the result...29.7x21cm (A4)
small and quick sketch of the waterfall nearby. I did another with watercolors only, but not happy with that. I could have spent hours in the cooling shadow of the mountain trying to capture the amazing view and athmosphere, lights, shadows and colors. Have to go back! 14.8x21cm^ (A5)

in the evening, the view from the house just acros the meadow. this was the old administration building of the factory just across the railway (see below). now its only used by the local band. in the background i think you can see the rest of Diesbach, but i'm not sure, it could be that it's already the next village. 21x14.8 cm (A5)

this is the old factory behind the railway. it was still used until somewhen around 2000, and it produced textiles, like almost every other factory in Glarus. the textiles are really famous, but they aren't produced anymore - it costs too much. the electricity they would get from the canal, which goes through the whole valley providing energy and thus providing an income for the valley, mainly in the 19th century. 21x14.8 (A5)

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