Mittwoch, 9. September 2015

Day three

Today, I hadn't a lot to do (again...), but always something small. In the morning I still had some letters to transcribe (I started with them yesterday) and in between two of them i quickly drew my table. I love the contrast between the clumsy keyboard and the elegant handwriting of those letters. I wish that letters would be used more often today. They are also a more elegant time-document than what our emails and short messages will be in 100 years, if they even still exist then!!

Black marker, A5 (well, its always gonna be A5...), ca 30 min (or even more, those writings...), Schloss Lenzburg

i didn't like the first "B" so i had to rewrite it on separate piece of paper and put it over the old. I definitely have to get more exercise on writing nicely. 

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