Sonntag, 17. Januar 2016

BERLIN 6.1 - 10.1

It has been about four months since my last post here...
I have drawn some sketches since then of course, but i was much too busy to update the blog. Work and the University were the two things i had in the past months in my life. So i was very happy to take a break from the stress and go to Berlin with agood friend. Since it was brutally cold, i couldn't sketch outside, but luckily there are lots of nice bars and cafes, where its warm.
First stop was the "Ankerklause": fleeing from the cold and eating a warm soup.
I guess, one of the best breakfasts in Berlin i served at the "Nah am Wasser gebaut" - or is it called "The place to be"? Confusing, but tasty!!

Its getting dark early: This is the view from the "Freischwimmer", a restaurant located next to a canal, which was frozen.

Really loved the lamps over the bar in the "Rummels perle, the only problem was the light, which so reddish, i couldn't really see with which colors i drew!

Having wonderful Cheescake in the "Prachtwerk", right after having breakfast at 16:00! Now thats Berlin!

Before breakfast in the kitchen of our friend, where we could sleep for the four nights- Thank you again Linn!

The view from the airplane at the airport right before the take-off. I had to be really quick, before the sun and the plane changed their positions :)

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