Sonntag, 18. Januar 2015

Museum Rietberg

Finally, i've got more time to draw - I have holidays! I met up with some other sketchers at the Rietberg Museum to sketch the exhibition about "the cosmos", and how it is seen in other religions. Very nice exhibition, with lots of meticoulsly drawn pictures of the cosmos!

Here are few less complicated objects!

18.1.15 - fineliner, pencil, pastels (neocolor) - sketchbook: A5

A flat astrolabe, first made in Morocco in 1323 and later modified in India around 1800. Size of the object: about 15 cm in diameter.

The gathering: there was a free tour and it had so many people. In the back a huge painting with lots of details; height about 2 meters!

a fellow sketcher - or so i thought! It turned out later that this girl was actually taking notes!

A pectorale of Pa-nehesi, made over 3000 years ago in egypt. The scarab in the middle stands for the heart, where the mind of the dead lays. height of the object: about 10 cm max!

the top of an oracle from Nigeria, cut from wood. The outer ring is supposed to be made from flies or similar, and in the middle the shaman would spread flour to read cosmological omens. Diameter about 40 to 50 cm

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