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I've done a little voyage in the north of europe: I went to sweden for a few days. I took a new sketchbook with me and quite a lot pencils, crayons and my watercolors, but i didn't used them a lot; i mostly drew with pencil or the brushpen. It's quicker - and captures more the moment than an actual scenery. Since i was not on my own, I didn't drew a lot of architecture - only from the warm inside of a Café. And since the landscapes were too beautiful too look at only one place, i tried to just look everywhere and save it in memory - for later.

It was a different kind of sketching; it was more a diary of moments than a studing of the foreign architecture and landscapes.

various techniques | 6.4. - 15.4 |


We were travelling from Zurich to Stockholm in one go: 24 hours (almost). This is where the train gets on the ferry to Denmark
And then, somewhere in the middle of sweden, we ate something, but hadn't the right tools with us...
On the ship again the next day: Vaxholm is lovely, Ramsö is the only island, where the ships goes, since "its still winter"
This is a bit mean: Marc was sleeping in the Bus back from Vaxholm
Välkommen! This is the view from a funny cafe on Djurgården Island, were we had a coffee.

Eating and drinking wonderful in the "gamla stan", the old town of Stockholm: Elk-goulash (lovely!) in the Sta. Clara Bierhaus.

Best thing at the Bierhaus: the cellar: Open Jam Session every wednesday, for the students. I had to be quick - the jazz was driving!

change of musicians

At the Restaurant in the "Skansen": Some little plants on the table and window ledge

After visiting in the morning the "Skansen" (sooo many people! No nerves for drawing) we went to drink a coffe on the Island Skeppsholmen. While the others already drank their coffee, i still had some left, before it landed on my sketch - which wasn't that bad, because i messed it up anyway!

We left Martina behind in Stockholm and took the ferry to Visby on Gotland. It was such a wonderfull day, the sky was blue and the sun was warm. We took a stroll around the old city wall, were i tried to catch the evening sun.
And again, trying to catch the shadows of the evening sun on the hilly terrain and the majestic city wall towers.

No Sketches on the 11th...An elderly couple invited us to show us around their home-island: Fårö, in the north of Gotland. Such wonderful Landscapes!! But it was a thight day, and I couldn't sketch - i did so in my mind!
A lovely little Crêperie in an wonderful little house in the old part of Visby. The inside was completly painted white/gray, everything was made of wood and the crêpes were delightfull!


We still had a lot of time to spend, untill we had to board the ferry back on mainland Sweden. So we were drinking another Coffee and i tried to capture the view through the window - only with b/w. It was really difficult, also because there were a lot of glassware on the table and the window ledge.

And then, at 4 P.M. the ferry MS Visby took off - the 15 minutes before i drew the view through the bended windows on to the harbour buildings.

On the train from Kalmar, where we only stayed the night, i did some color sketches of some views i encountered in sweden.
 No sketches from Copenhagen - it was much to windy and cold, and not as cosy as Sweden...
This is already in Hamburg, were we had 4 hours between trains, in the night train back to zurich...the thought bubble is an insider...

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