Montag, 15. September 2014

ÉIRE - IRELAND Part I - Dublin & Howth


For the last two weeks i have been travelling around Ireland, you can see my stops in the picture above! Of course i have done alot of urban sketching these days - a lot to scan! Therefore i will split the sketches in five parts: Dublin & Howth, Kilcar & Donegal, Galway, Cork. For the fifth part I still have to wait, it will consist 9 postcards I drew and sent to my freinds and family - they have to scan it or take a picture of it, so that i can share it with you!

DAY 1: Dublin
The Marsh's Library is a wonderful place - it's basically a library taken from the 17th century and placed into the 21st. The entrance i sketched is therefore a timetravel machine. Oh the smell in there...just wonderfull!
Colorfull houses behind Dublins Castle - i drew it from the backalley, just a bit off the tourists tracks. It was there when i discovered i forget one of my green pen, i had to mix it here, but it proofed to be ess fatal than i expected!

Sitting in Keogh's Cafe, looking across the street. I actually wanted to color it, but my muffin was eaten and the coffee cup was emtpy - so i moved on, not without taking a reference picture, which i probably won't use anymore now...
DAY 2: Dublin
Trinity College - Yes i paid too much to see the bok of Kells, but i haven't really done any other touristic thing. And the library was amazing! Any, the long room is just at my right side, off the sketch. I don't know how the other buildings are called.
A wonderful bookshop! Lots of books, old and new, little magazines, dusty shelves, good coffee, a nice place to sit. Just great!

Some random old building besides the river Liffey in Dublin. It was pretty windy, but i like the contrast of the bricks overpainted with graffitis and the newly built strange building-structure behind it!
DAY 3: Howth & Dublin
The Lighthouse in Howth, about twenty minutes with the train from Dublin. This was the first thing i did when i arrived: i walked down the pier till the end, sat down, sucked in the salty air and drew this view. Loved it!
Then i turned my head about 30° to the left and saw that peculiar looking island, which i then drew. I had to cut it in two pieces to fit the whole beauty on to the paper.
Looking southeast on a late morning isn't the best idea, even if it has some thin layer of clouds, the sun will still blind you...
looking down on to aa nice rock that stood out of the sea just beneath me. You can see the same rock on the far right side of the sketch above. I tried out pastels, which i didn't use anymore for the last then years, at least!
I had a little sandwich here, just before heading back to Howth. It would have taken some hours to walk around the peninsula - and i rather wanted to see some more of the little town.
Or eat something in the local Cafe. It was a charming little cafe on the second floor, with a store at ground level with mostly organic and local food. The seagulls are from the next day in St. Stephen's green in Dublin, before i took the Bus to Donegal.
 DAY 4: Dublin -> Kilcar
Same here. Sitting in the St. Stephen's Green and waiting, till the bus leaves. On the bank next to me, a young Dubliner fed the pigeons, and they were actually sitting on his hands and arms! I should have drawn this, instead of that lame bridge, but was a bit tired.

Really quick Sketches. Views from the Bus.

Stay tuned - Part II will come soon, the wild north west of Ireland!

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