Freitag, 19. September 2014


DAY 10: Cork
I took the bus from Galway to Cork - not tha fast one, but the very slowest. I liked how it did stop everywhere, and drove through the green pastures instead of the highway, where one woudn't not see that much. Here, the bus only stopped for a minute, just enough for me to draw it - just kidding, for me to remember it well enough to draw it during the journey.
Since the bus arrived stopped that much, i arrived late in Cork. I check in at the hostel and then headed to the city centre. But before i sat down at a restaurant, i walked around a bit, and saw those big harbour houses, with a ship being unloaded - a scenery i don't see in Zurich.
DAY 11: Cork
The next day i walk around the many little streets in Cork, and actually wanted to visite this church, to see it from the inside - but hey had mass or something like that. I instead walked around it, and the crows made me look up. I tried to sketch this view, crows or ravens flying in the wind around the roof of the church, looking almost straight up in to the air. Perspective is way off...
After a sketch that did'nt work out i'm a little upset, just a tiny little bit, nothing that would go away with a coffe or a sketch the went well - or both in this case: I headed to a cafe near the butter museum (which i didnt visit!), sat down with a coffee and sketch the street. It ws really peaceful, since it was quite early, and the pencil is such a forgiving media...
For the rest of the day i visited museums and didn't do much. In the evening I met up with the Cork Drink&Draw group (where i won a Pint for my drawing!), but before i could go drinking and drawing, i needed something to eat and had to warm up my fingers.: I ate at a vegetarian Restaurant called the Quai Co-op, where i sketch the view through the window on to the canal and the building on the otherside of it. It was quite difficult, because the window was that close to the eye in contrast to the building, th view actually changed quite a bit when i changed focus!
DAY 12: Cork
I showed my sketches to a roommate in the hostel and he said: "Only three sketches yesterday? You should be sketching all day!" He does have a point, and so headed out with good intentions - and stopped after 200 meters form the hostel to sketch this little hutt. An elderly man stopped and looked at my sketch and liked it, and then began to tell me about Wellington, who betrayed his irishness and then i began talking about the conflict between Ireland and England and didn't stop for a long time...
A few minutes later i came to this gorgeous building. It is only a small part of the whole campus of the Griffith College. It was really quite and i was standing there for a long time, because it was really difficult to work only with two colors. Again, i didn't do any pencils in advance, straight ahead with the colors.
I headed back into the city center to have something to eat. And since the Drink&Draw ended late i was tired and in need for a coffee, which i got at the Cork Coffe Roasters. It is a really nice cafe, with a coffee roasting machine (on top) and full with other stuff one might need when working with coffee. And the coffee was good!

I love walking around with knowing where i end up - this one was a bit like that. I walked along the Blarney street, which hadn't too many roads going down to the river again... So i walked for about 20 minutes along this lovely and calm street until i saw a nice cafe, Vikki's, "the old post office", (which actually isn't on the blarney street at all, i eventually found a street going down, but only on to the next long street). I drank a coffee and sketched the view from the "garden" behind the house. Perspecitve catastrophic, but who cares? :)
DAY 13: Cork - Dublin

Well, to be honest, i had a bit of a hangover that day and was travelling from Cork back to Dublin. It was a very busy Saturday in Dublin and i could sketch a thing. Thats why this adventure stops here - This was my last sketch in Ireland!

DAY 14: Dublin - Zurich

Nope, no sketches any more... My flight left quite early in the morning (i had been drawing on the plane, but no urban sketching: look here. And stay tuned for the postcards that will come - hopefully soon!

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