Sonntag, 28. September 2014


I had so much fun yesterday at the sketchcrawl - we were sketching in the quarter Enge. together with a bunch of sketchers i first went to the Chruch Enge, a place i wanted to sketch for a long time. We then met at the Hafen Enge to eat and sketch and finally went back to the Kantonsschule Enge, to see what all the others sketched!
sketched from an impossible angle - and didn't quite succed. but it's ok - i had to warm up first.
i left my watercolors at home - i like to have time when working with them. But i had my color marker with me. it was really difficult to get colors right (or somewhat right) and to keep the whole sketch in mind while working just with one color at a time!
André Sandmann, Sketcher, while sketching another Sketcher who drew another one...

at the Hafen Enge, two Sketchers who are looking through the Sketchbook of Tine at the right.

She just finished as i started...The other is another Sketcher at the Hafen Enge, not sure of what to draw next!
drawing the KS Freudenberg, sitting in the shadow of the KS Enge - the two schools are in the same building. The architecture is amazing, it's a shame i just did this one drawing. I will be back!

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