Mittwoch, 17. September 2014

ÉIRE - IRELAND Part III - Galway

DAY 7: Galway - i didn't do any drawing on the 7th...

DAY 8: Galway
I met some local urban sketchers (I could stay at Donals Place) and we met at the Cathedral. I started sketching, this is the transept of the cathedral, but then a bus parked in front of me and blocked the view...
i thus changed my place, and drew instead a building beside the Cathedral, which looks very bauhaus-ish, though a bit more playfull. But guess what? A bus suddenly parked in front of me and blocked my view.
The busses didn't only block my view but also the views of the other - we moved to the other side of the cathedral. I first wanted to draw some kids in blue school uniforms on a green lawn - but they were gone before i could start. I drew instead Donal, who - since sketching - didn't moved too much!
After some time we changed completly - we went to the woodquai, were i started this panoramic view. it is very peaceful place, and i was happily drawing, but suddenly my pen ran out if ink - luckily Ruth had a similar one. Thanks again! But then, it got cloudier and almost started to rain - we moved again.
Since it didn't start to rain we changed our place again - not without getting a coffee of course - and sat down in the middle of the Eyre Square. I tried a random corner, only drawing with my markers, noo outlines and no pencils first. Its quite challenging, but also a good exercise!
DAY 9: Galway
Same here: it's a wall overgrown by ivy and other plants, which i did without any previous pencils, directly with colors. This time it didn't worked out that good...but i'm still learning!
This is the Dunnes Store just over the street from Donals appartment. I was a bit early, and he wasn't yet at home. So I sat down in the park nearby and sketched the obvious contrast between the industrial building and the nature in the park. So that there can't be any misunderstandings, i even intensified the contrast by using two different pens ;). The green one i actually bought in Dublin, because i forgot my dark green at home...
One might wonder, that I wasn't that active that day, but you're forgetting, that i had also some sightseeing to do - and most of all, i did two postcards that day, which took pretty long to. I will show them as soon as i get all the scans - they slowly coming in. I sent all of them at the end of those 14 days, so some have't even got them yet!


  1. I am enjoying your sketches and how you are handling the problems that come with sketching and traveling. Hoping to pick up some pointers for my upcoming travels.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Diane! I'm glad you like the sketches.
    One thing I learned on this travel: Always keep you sketchbook close! I often had a backpack with everything in it but the sketchbook and one or two pens. the pens i had in my pocket, and the sketchbook just inside my jacket (not in a pocket). That way you can just zip open your jacket, grab your sketchbook and you are ready in 10 seconds!